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台灣 Taiwan|2008|HD|Color|82min |蘇哲賢

「34歲了,還是尬吧!尬到我贏為止!」舞齡17年的阿倫這麽說。對他而言,街舞就是他的生活、就是他的血液。從90年代解嚴初期,阿倫就在社會大眾異樣的眼光下,成立了台灣第一個嘻哈舞團「The Party」,並獨自前往世界各地探索不同的街舞靈魂。90年代出生的「八個小孩」舞團,成員年齡只有阿倫的一半,他們約好在考完大學的夏天,一起參加街舞大賽。也許他們能拿到冠軍,也許什麼都沒有,只為在各奔前程之前,圓一個夏天的熱血夢。


34-year-old Alun formed the first hip-hop dance group “The Party” soon after totalitarian rule ended in Taiwan in the early 90s. Though the group eventually disbanded, Alun’s passion continued. He’s about to compete in Juste Debout, a worldwide street dance competition in Paris. Where will this journey take him? Eight high school students, all born in the 90s, whose age is half of Alun’s, formed “Undergradu-eight.” Supported by a more open society that has come to embrace pop culture, what can they wish to achieve through dancing?

街舞狂潮  Hip-Hop Storm


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