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台灣 Taiwan|2012|HD|Color|72min |傅榆




Taiwan's democracy is the envy of Chinese people all over the world, but when this two-party system—"blue" and "green"—get at each other's throats, it seems to cast a dark cloud over this beacon of advancing democratization. How does the young generation feel about the political environment they've inherited? We gathered a group of young people from across the blue and green spectrum, a year and a half before Taiwan's presidential election, to participate in a political dialogue. Through these deliberately arranged dialogues, what sparks will fly?


Dialogue Between Blue & Green


2013 中國獨立影像年度展十佳紀錄片單元

2013 FIRST 青年電影展最佳紀錄片



Giloo 紀實影音平台

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