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中國 China|2013|HD|Color|70min |許慧晶



ZHANG Qing-mei is a birth control chief in a small village. When she's off work, she also serves as a psychic in a temple that worships the "Goddess of Child-giving." This year, the supervising township office commands the number of sterilization cases be doubled. However, not many villagers want it at all. Some desperate officers are determined to force the reluctant mothers be sent for operation. Rong-rong, the elementary school teacher becomes the primary target

媽媽的村莊  Mothers


2013 雪菲爾紀錄片影展評審團特別關注獎

2013 芝加哥國際電影節 紀錄片單元特別關注獎

2013 韓國全州電影節



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