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中國 China|2015|HD|Color|84min |周浩

大同,這座 1600 年前輝煌的古城,如今正在一片新的廢墟中,期待著不確定的未來。耿彥波,這位以拆建城市,發展文化著稱的市長,正準備以非凡的手腕,去實現他心目中城市發展和變革的巨大藍圖。在大同,即便都市發展迅速,文物與歷史遺跡卻都能獲得在中國其它地區不可得的尊重。然而在耿彥波因為他的遠見而備受愛戴的同時,仍不免有個體的利益受到侵害的案例發生。大同的漫長的都更之路,令人不禁反思,人們究竟需要一個什麼樣的政府?


In Datong, Mr. Geng, the mayor, is wildly admired because of his long visions of protecting the historical relics when practicing the policy of urban renewal. However, some individual property is still demolished by the process of city development. The Chinese title for the film is called “Datong”, it is the name of the city, it also refers to an ultimate harmonious world depicted by the ancient Chinese philosophers over 2000 years ago. Is the mission of the State Machine to protect the people?

大同  The Chinese Mayor


2015 金馬獎最佳紀錄片

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